The IOW Film Club is a fun way for anyone to get involved with film production, The IOW Film Club is split into three. The IOW Film Club, IOW Films and Tyber Films.

IOW Film Club Website

Features everything in one place, this will give you a brief outline of current productions we are personally making, but also information on making your own production, how the certification works and what equipment we have, and any other films that we aren't personally making.

IOW Films Website

IOW films is our home for Documentary and event films, you will find more information about each production and where you go to join a production. The website also feature past productions with links to view.

General Information for all.

under eighteen's can be involved but will have to be chaperoned by a parent or guardian at all times. All films are fun to make, but we do like to take film making seriously, so even though you will have lots of fun, we do asked for a full commitment during a production.

The IOW Film Club is not like a conventional club, we don't meet once a week in a village hall, we only get together when there is a production. Productions can be anything, from Drama, Documentary's, Music, Dance Video's, in fact anything that needs to be filmed can be a production, so from a full feature length film, right down to making you own fun video, its all a production.

All films we make carry one of five certificate ratings, these are given by us, but based on the BBFC guidelines, we do this so it gives you an idea of the contents for each film, this way you can make a balanced judgment if to join a production or not. all productions will have to be approved by us first before they can proceed.

The IOW Film Club in different forms has been going since the mid 90's, started by a couple of friends who love making films, and have had many years working professionally in the industry and we wanted to give others the chance to make films, remember if you have a idea, why not turn it into a film.

If your thinking of getting a job in the film industry, remember any films that you take part in, in front or behind the camera, can be used as experience or used in a show reel.