Have you ever wanted to get into the film Industry or just take part in a production. There are various ways to get in, you could just be lucky, know somebody already working in the industry or attend film school or a media College, but another way is to just make films, you can make your own where you can do everything or join a production like one of ours. With all our productions most jobs are available for you to have a go, we will give training where we can, but sometimes its just better to do it. Below are various jobs you could do, and if you want to learn more just drop us an email.

Covid 19

Currently due to the Covid 19 situation, we are not offering any jobs with Tyber Films for the time being, currently the cast will also crew the films, we hope this will change as more people have the jab and we can fully open. All crew must wear a mask at all times indoors and keep to social distancing, both indoors and out.

IOW Films.

Here are some of the jobs that you can could do in the production of a documentary or live event.



Script writing

Location searches



Assistant director (Your own production director)

camera operator

Sound recordist and boom operator



Post Production


Sound design

Music composer



 All these are for over 18's